Customer scoring

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Customer scoring

Hi everyone, I'd love to hear how people set up customer scoring, i.e. score existing customer to gage cross sell opportunities?

We are thinking of setting up custom customer score; i.e. a) Customer Product A Score and b) Customer Product B Score. This would help us send them to the right sales team when they engage.

Can anyone share any learning, ideas, issues they found?

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Re: Customer scoring

I think it helps to make a few differentiations. Specifically: Multi-product scoring vs. prospect/customer scoring. I'd say this is not the same thing.


Multi-product scoring is a standard procedure for any company that offers different services or products. Product A and Product B. That already requires to set up independent scoring programs and processes for these products. Marketo's standard field "Person Score" becomes useless, and instead you'll have "Score Product A" and "Score Product B". One person can have different score values in these fields and different scoring thresholds, and once they reach the threshold in "Score Product A", they become Product A MQLs. It is also possible, likely and intended that a person is customer for Product A and prospect for Product B.


"Customer Scoring" is something else in my view. It raises the question if e.g. a webinar attendee should be scored differently depending on whether they are a prospect or a customer. And what kinds of MQLs a customer person even can create. Or how a retention lifecycle program should score in order to create the necessary follow-up actions.


Hope this helps somehow. 🙂 Scoring more than one product in Marketo is not easy, but certainly possible.