Custom 'Sync to Marketo' Field not updating

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Custom 'Sync to Marketo' Field not updating


So I have already reached out to Support, my Salesforce admin and searched the web for an answer but can not find anything. 


We are having an urgent issue when syncing new leads to SF when it hits the flow step 'Change Owner' .


We are getting the following error on new leads - " Change Owner: [Failed]: the record is filtered in sfdc - 00Q5I00000A3MufUAF".


I looked this up and saw it had to do with our custom sync field - we have adjusted the SF read/write access to ensure SF could accept the new value of 'true'. This worked on some new leads but continues to cause issues on uploads - today I uploaded net new people and the box did not check in SF even though in Marketo is shows the value was changed. It's also only happening on the Change owner flow step.


Anyone else experience this or have a solution? We have looked at validation rules and workflows, we could not see any reason in these two areas that would cause the field not to update. 

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Re: Custom 'Sync to Marketo' Field not updating

Hi Mary,


You might be experiencing a race condition where the record is syncing over to SFDC before the custom sync filter field is set to true. Because the value that exists in SFDC is what dictates whether the record can sync, Marketo can't update that field once it's set to false. In that scenario, the value Marketo has will have no impact on whether it will sync. You could end up with a record that says "true" in Marketo and "false" in SFDC - and no updates will sync between systems.


Generally it is risky to set the field to true in Marketo for new records unless you can guarantee that happening before the record has any chance to sync, including due to a campaign sync or change owner flow step in a marketing program. You could consider having your SFDC admin set up a Flow to always set the field to true for records created by the Marketo sync user.



Beth Massura

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