Custom Object Trigger Tokens in Flow Steps

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Custom Object Trigger Tokens in Flow Steps

In reference to this previous post: I was able to successfully use a CO trigger token in the flow step, when the trigger is "Added to [CO]." So far I have not been able to get it to work with "[CO] is Updated," but wanted to verify with others that it is not available for that trigger. I saw skepticism in the comments. 

In my use case, I only need ONE Custom Object field value -- an email, in order to populate a temporarily lead field, which can then populate the "To Other Emails" field for an Alert in the flow steps. I saw a Sandy workaround of a "two-phase commit, to CO and to lead field." Does that sound like a good way to solve my problem? Any other ideas for grabbing ONE CO field value in flow steps? 

I am a newbie to this, and trying to decipher it all, so please do not hesitate to explain at a learner's level. πŸ™‚ 
Thank you!

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Re: Custom Object Trigger Tokens in Flow Steps

Well, AFAIK (and as Sandy mentioned in his reply to your last question) trigger object is available to reference the CO fields only when a new CO record gets added. For the updates to the CO record, unfortunately, you'd need to look for other ways to perform updates to the lead field instead of using the trigger token reference in the CDV flow step. Updating the lead field along with the CO is one way, but one straightaway downside of this approach is that you'd be making an extra call to update the lead field for every CO record update request.