Custom Lead Nurture Program Functionality

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Custom Lead Nurture Program Functionality

Hello -

We have created a custom lead nurture program and looking for some best practices on the below scenario.

If a lead enters the program we have content that will last about two years. We update the content for each step periodically. Once they reach the last step of the campaign, we would like them to start back at step 1 (as this content will have been updated by the time they run through the entire program).

1. What is the best way to add leads back to step one? Would it be to create a new smart list within step one to add these leads back to the program again, or would it be to add an addition trigger to the existing smart campaign within step 1?

2. Currently to add leads to the next step of the campaign, we use a Trigger saying "Email is delivered (for previous step)". Should we continue to use this same smart list for leads that are being recycled, or create new smart campaigns specifically for these leads to make them progress to the next step?

3. We would also like to report on these leads separately. Is this at all possible? Each program is synced to our SFDC instance. Is there anyway to prevent these recycled leads from changing the current program stats, and be reported separately? We would like to only have one email creative for each program.

4. The first time the lead runs through each step, their status will be updated to Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, etc. Should these lead run through the same smart campaigns again to have their status updated for next time they are sent the campaign? We would have to change the frequency for each smart campaign to allow them to run through once every 24 months.

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Re: Custom Lead Nurture Program Functionality

Hi Bethany,

I'd take a look here

Master Nurturing and Marketo Engagement Programs

  1. I strongly urge you to not do this. If they are really not engaged after 2 years, they probably won't be. You should consider simply adding new content to the STream on a regular basis and not re-send previous content.
  2. Not sure what this really looks like. Are you using a Smart Campaign or an Engagement? Generally, you should not need such a trigger and that Email Delivered isn't 100% reliable.
  3. What data would you like to know?
  4. No, it can be done only once. It's a longer conversation on what the Program Status would do here for you.
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Re: Custom Lead Nurture Program Functionality

  1. By the time they run through the steps again, the content will be updated so they will not receive the same content twice. Understood regarding they probably won't engage after 2 years.
  2. We are using a smart campaign. Basically we are saying, Trigger - Email is delivered Step 1, Wait 3 weeks, Send Step 2. What would you suggest instead Email Delivered?
  3. Ideally, we would be able to report on all stats separately for the second time the campaign is sent. So sent, delivered, clicked, opened, bounced, etc. Ideally (but most likely not possible) We would like to report on each step for the first time it is sent to leads, and separately report on stats for recycled leads. For example, Bethany is sent step 1 and opens the campaigns. The open rate is 100%. She is recycled and does not open the campaign the second time. The Open rate for the original send is 100% and the open rate for the recycled send is 0%.
  4. I am not sure I understand your answer here. Can you please elaborate?

Thank you!