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Custom Launch Point

Hey guys,

I want to connect a new custom launch point in my instance. However, the service I want to connect doesn't take the credentials from Marketo. I have to enter the service's credential to connect. Actually, I don't know if it's possible to do it that way in Marketo, and if so, how to do it.

Is there anybody able to help me on this?


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Re: Custom Launch Point

You'll have to explain more about this provider (a lot more!). A custom LaunchPoint doesn't make automated outbound connections, it only sets up credentials for inbound connections.

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Re: Custom Launch Point

If you're trying to connect to another system then you'll need to look into setting up a Webhook.  This will allow you to make a call out of Marketo to another system through their API.  The important thing to remember about Webhooks is that they only work in Trigger Campaigns.

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Re: Custom Launch Point

Hi Hugo, our team at Salytics has products in Launchpoint, and have helped several of our clients connect Marketo to a variety of services. If you'd like, feel free to email me and we can setup a call. If it's a native connection, I am happy to walk you through it at no cost, otherwise if it is something custom I can provide information on what is entailed and you can choose to hire us or do it on your own.