Custom Fields Not Syncing for SFDC Contacts

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Custom Fields Not Syncing for SFDC Contacts


I have a working sync with SFDC for leads and contacts, however, I have 2 contact fields that I'm having trouble with.

Only the Leads are updating in salesforce. Other fields do update for the contact in salesforce but the following two do not. I have have mapped the fields from the lead to the contact in salesforce.

From MKTO Admin:

Stop Follow-Up Emails

CRM Field Map:

Stop_Follow_Up_Emails__c (SFDC Lead) -- sync OK

Stop_Follow_Up_Emails__c (SFDC Contact) -- doesn't work

Campaign Lead Follow Up

CRM Field Map:

Campaign_Lead_Follow_Up__c (SFDC Lead)  -- sync OK

Campaign_Lead_Follow_Up__c (SFDC Contact) -- doesn't sync

In SFDC I have mapped my lead fields to the corresponding contact fields.

Visibility and security are Visible and Editable respectively.

I'm not sure what else to try...

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Re: Custom Fields Not Syncing for SFDC Contacts

One of the most full proof methods I use is logging in via the Marketo Sync user directly on SFDC.

The logic is that the Marketo Sync user is the user that performs the sync processes.  Therefore, anything I can manually do while logged into the Marketo Sync user, Marketo should be able to do because it uses that user.

In your case, log into SFDC via your Marketo Sync user, open up a contact and try to any CRUD process on those fields you labeled.  If you are successfully, there may be another issue, perhaps a backlog issue or a permissions issue to the contact itself?  If you are not able to, that means you do not have the correct permissions.