Create CC field for email not using a token

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Create CC field for email not using a token

Hello Marketo users,


I know Marketo has a feature of adding a CC field when sending an email. However, looks like it only works dynamically (using the tokens). I actually want to set up a static email as part of CC not a token. Does anyone know if that would be possible and how do to it?




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Re: Create CC field for email not using a token

No there is no such provision to add the static cc email address in the emails. The ideal use-case and the reason why cc option was added to the marketo was to keep sales owner, account owners etc in loop for the emails sent to the recipients, as per your scenario if you have single sales owner/rep for which you wish to setup the cc field you can go ahead and set that email address as the sales owner and post that you can setup the Email CC in the admin section using that token.


Most ideal use-cases does not suggest using cc in email as now not only do you have to to consider the original recipient's mail scanner, you have to consider the CC recipient's mail scanner and the human CC recipient themselves clicking the link, which will be attributed to the original recipient which will ultimately affect the reports and success measure of the email. It also disrupts proper unsubscribes.  If the CC recipient follows an unsubscribe link they will unsubscribe the original recipient.


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Re: Create CC field for email not using a token

To be clear, it's not that it accepts "tokens" - if it did, then you could use a top-level {{my.token}}, which would be implicitly static!


It accepts certain lead-level fields if previously configured in Admin » Email as being CC-eligible. And you can't use standard token syntax, or else you could add :default= and solve your problem that way, so again not really tokens.


As Darshil suggests, you can just set up a field like Global CC and then fill it in with a static value during your intake process(es), making sure updates are blocked from all other sources. That'll accomplish the same, it's a little harder to manage but you'll get there.


P.S. It's always good to have a process that sets defaults for interesting fields, if you don't already have one.