Continuous SFDC Sync Error: 1674135440

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Continuous SFDC Sync Error: 1674135440

Has anyone else with an integration between Marketo and SFDC seen the following sync error code: 1674135440.

We've been trying to troubleshoot this for several weeks and I can't find any documentation on this code in SFDC or Marketo. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Continuous SFDC Sync Error: 1674135440

I would ask Support because Marketo doesn't document error codes like this.

But what else does it say? Usually a sync error displays at least one of the leads affected and more information. Most of the time errors are related to

  • User permission errors
  • field permission errors
  • Profile permission errors
  • blocked fields that are required in SFDC
  • mapping problems
  • the record was locked at that moment and it will correct itself later
  • something wrong with the data in the field that is not accepted properly.
  • you deleted a record in SFDC, but Marketo kept the Record Type ID information and the sync failed because SFDC did not accept that field or Record Type ID.

I believe there is a Sync document on this site that may help too.

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Re: Continuous SFDC Sync Error: 1674135440

Hey Josh,

Thanks for your reply. Support hasn't been able to get much detail on this error code yet and it seems most likely to be a permissions issue based on my experience with our integration issues to date, but there's nothing in our permission set that seems to be inhibiting the data transfer for any specific Object or field.

I can't find the Sync document you mentioned. If you have any guidance where I can find it would you please let me know.

Unfortunately, the full code only includes the following:

Salesforce sync errors: soqlBatchQuery failed - An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 258376165-70908 (1674135440)

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Re: Continuous SFDC Sync Error: 1674135440

Hi Daniel,

This looks like a error raised by a salesforce trigger that fires when you sync.

Have you tried to set a debug log on the Marketo sync user ?