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Connect GDPR and Marketo

Hi All,

How to connect or work with GDPR and Marketo.

What are the steps needs to follow and do the necessary things?

Anyone provide the details or step by documentation.


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Re: Connect GDPR and Marketo

Have you... searched for "GDPR" on the Community site? That's where you need to start.

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Re: Connect GDPR and Marketo

Hi there,

We developed a Marketo program that fully manages the process for Marketing. Here are flows in the nutshell:

Happy to answer any questions.


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Re: Connect GDPR and Marketo

Hi Inga

What about data profiling, calculations of propensity to purchase etc? There is nothing explained regarding that amongst many other things in the link you shared?

Vinodhini Rajendran​ I agree with Sanford, there is a lot of information available in the community re GDPR compliance and the steps you need to take. Also I found a lot of helpful information from Perkuto back when I was researching it last year, if I remember correctly they had an Action Plan doc that you could use as a guide - I couldn't find that but just found this link which might be helpful in answering some questions for you GDPR Questions. Straightforward Answers. | Perkuto.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Perkuto in any way, just found their resources helpful.

Good luck!


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Re: Connect GDPR and Marketo

Hi -

I wrote pretty extensively on GPDR in the community, and you can find my articles and resources here as well:

Our toolkit also has a lot of resources and my presentation from Marketo Summit last year:

We do offer consulting help on GDPR compliance and Marketo, I would be happy to connect you with our team.

GDPR Service Offerings | Perkuto

I hope you find my content helpful!

Michelle (from Perkuto)

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Re: Connect GDPR and Marketo

all of these are good starting points. Ultimately you need to map this out and ensure your privacy/legal team sign off otherwise you are putting yourself at risk.