Confirmation Landing Page

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Confirmation Landing Page

I'm trying to create a 'Subscriptions Confirmed' Landing Page that indicates changes to newsletters chosen so that the contact can see what they are and are not subscribed to. I've created boolean 'select' fields for each newsletter on a confirmation page. Each field is in the 'select' mode, with 'Subscribe' & 'Unsubscribe' as values to choose, subscribe = 0 & unsubscribe = 1. What I need help with is how to provide the list on the confirmation page to reflect which of the options have been Subscribed, Unsubscribed and left blank.

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Re: Confirmation Landing Page

The most direct way to do this is to send the values to the confirmation page in the query string (appending them in the onSuccess event).

Then read those query params to set the content of appropriate <span>s, etc. Always use a trusted URI parser like URI.js, do not try to write your own!