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CName for Workspaces

Hello Community! 

My company represents 3 major brands and we are only using one version on Marketo and have it defined by workspaces and partitions. 

How do I get my CName adjusted for my other 2 brands? Currently I have it for info.example.... but the other brands we work with CANNOT use that same CName as it would become very messy very quickly.

From what I have found it seems I have to set up other DKIMs? is this correct? I want to make sure that I get this set up correctly for our our brands, not mess up any leads, and make sure all leads are going to the right place, and that each brand has the correct links to avoid conflict.

Please help!

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Re: CName for Workspaces

Hey Nicole,
We have a great article here: which goes over how to manage multiple landing page domains. Basically, you set up CNAMEs for all your different brands and add them as Domain Aliases. Then, when sending out emails to a certain brand's leads, you just create the emails to have the correct domain alias in all the links.

Currently, only one Branding Domain is possible at a time, regardless of how many workspaces are present. 

For DKIM, you will just want to active it on every domain that appears in the From address of your emails.