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Cloned program and...


Cloned a Web Content program. Went through and updated any instances of the program name to match the freshly cloned program's name.

Why in the Smart Campaign, Status Screen... do I see small text that reads: Smart List (1) and then beneath reads: Trigger - Person is Created...

Then, it reads next to that: Form Name is 'name-of-my-new-program.FORM-name-from-original-cloned-old-program'

What I have underlined is the issue. Could dirty up my program? How do I edit that... why is it pulling in the name of the form from the previous program from which I cloned from?

As mentioned, the actual form involved in this new program has the correct name. And when I test, everything seems to be firing as it should.

Not sure if anyone on here recognizes this issue? Seems to be piggybacking and bringing along an "element" from the previous program it was cloned from.
Thank you.

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Re: Cloned program and...

I don't see a problem. Your form name has new program name in suffix. Marketo should have created form with same name under new program. Can you recheck?


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Re: Cloned program and...

Hi Christine,

Rather than clone programs, I recommend you create program templates and clone those. That way you won't be carrying old elements from the old program that you have to make sure to change and which are easy to overlook.


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Re: Cloned program and...

The programs I am cloning are nearly identical to each other, with a few form field exceptions, and overall name of form, lp & URL being changed. Cloning the entire program has been helpful as the alert and auto-response email along with the smart campaign and report come along with it, in addition to the landing page and form. - Minimal updates are needed; but yes, one must scrutinize each screen carefully to ensure all nested assets are updated accordingly.

When you say create program template and clone what do you mean by that specifically?

Our rep seems to be indicating that the old suffix being brought over into the new program is merely a reference from where it was originally cloned from and should not have any negative impact. - I think I just wanted reassurance it would not pose issues down the road.

Any new programs I create after this set (where they are all so closely matched) I will build from the ground up and just attempt to mirror the steps so that I do not miss anything.

Thank you.

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Re: Cloned program and...

Creating a set of program templates - like Denise suggests - is your most scalable option; and ensures every program created thereafter will contain the most updated assets/smart campaigns at the time of creation (we occasionally enhance our assets/smart campaigns, and if an existing program is cloned instead, it won't contain those enhancements).  This approach is especially helpful for programs that contain many assets and complex smart campaigns - like EVENT programs.


When you clone the program template to a new program, be sure to name it as you want it.  This way, all references to your program (within the smart list, flow) will be populated with the actual program name.

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Re: Cloned program and...

Hi Christine LeBlanc ,

I agree with Denise. Using a repository of reusable program templates is definitely the best approach to follow.

Best Always,

Karan Hari

Karan Hari
Senior Product Manager - Marketo Engage