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clone form

I want to create a new webinar series by cloning a previous series. The only thing I want to edit on the landing page / form is changing the available dates of the webinar on the form. What is the process to do so without having to create the wheel?

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Re: clone form

Hi there,

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Re: clone form

Hi Sarah,

If you have already cloned structure of your build or form that needs to be updated, all you need to do is update form with new values of your webinar date. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Form that needs to be updated with new webinar dates.

2. Edit "Draft"

3. Select the fields which needs to be updated--> Edit.

4. Enter your values, make sure you keep your preselected/display value as "Please Select"/Select.

5. Save-->Finish-

5. Approve & Close your form.

6. Don't forget to approve your landing page (editing/ re-approving form auto turns Landing page  to draft).

You can also refer this link  Define Values in a Checkbox, Radio, or Selected Field in a Form

Hope it helps!



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Re: clone form

Wonderful, thank you!

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Re: clone form

You actually don't need to clone the form if the only thing that's changing is the webinar dates, and they always follow the same structure.  You can feed those to the form as a program token.

Example: the form on this landing page has dummy values in Form Editor:


That then get replaced by a local token:


The global form (used here as a form template) should have the maximum number of date values you might offer to make stuff like this easier.  For example, if you can offer up to 7 different dates, then the global form should have 7 dummy dates.  (The lead won't see any extra slots, it's just easier to remove extras than add new ones on-the-fly).