Chronologic steps in smart list

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Chronologic steps in smart list

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a list of people who requested a demo (filled out demo form) AFTER downloading a particular ebook. 

The Smart List filters I have currently are: Member of List: "Ebook Downloads" and Filled Out Form: "Demo Form," Date of activity on or after the day I launched the ebook.


The issue I'm running into is that the demo request could have still happened BEFORE the ebook download. Is there any way to specify one activity has to come before another in order to be included in the list? 



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Re: Chronologic steps in smart list

Yes, this is expected, as you cannot define the chronology/order of activities in the smart list (it'd become very complex to not only build but also filter the people that meet the defined chronological order). You'd need to do a bulk activity export to get the time stamps of activities and zero in the ones that meet the right chronological order.

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Re: Chronologic steps in smart list


Can you describe your current workflow, like how your customers downloading the eBook, is it through a form fill or direct link send through email.


A suggested solution for your future application could be to create 2 Landing pages. 1 with a form for e-book download & 2nd thankyou page of download with a form for Demo. This LP will not be linked to your main website demo page & will be presented to client only when they fill the form for downloading e-book.


Then you can use your regular filter of filled out form with constrain web page is