Chnaging Slider to Star in Forms

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Chnaging Slider to Star in Forms


Is there any way to replace the slider with star in marketo form?, actually i want to create a landing page where customers can rate our service from 1 to 5. I have created a custom filed for this and I need to represent it in star format (), currently it is in slider format( pastedImage_0.png). how can I implement that? Please help...



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Re: Chnaging Slider to Start in Forms

Sure, find a web developer to help you with this. This is a custom request.

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Re: Chnaging Slider to Start in Forms

"Stars" are not a standard HTML element.

The kind of UI you're referring to is built with nested DIVs, As, LIs, IMGs or other elements.  Those custom elements receive click events and copy values to and from a hidden input field.  It's the value of that input field that actually is sent to the server.

Your web developer can add a library like Bar Rating to a Marketo form like this: MktoForms2 :: Rating Stars​.  (I detest jQuery but most such libraries depend on it.)