Changing Urgency Calcuations

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Changing Urgency Calcuations

Two part question.

1. Can anyone shed some light on the logic/algorithm behind how "Urgency" (Total NOT relative in MSI) is calculated?
2. Is there any way to augment that logic/algorithm?

Thanks is advance!
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Re: Changing Urgency Calcuations


If you go to Admin > Sales Insight you can adjust the settings.

urgency was explained to me as the score given based on the change in score in the past X time. So if a lead had a high/low rapid change, they would rank higher or lower on the Urgency scale.
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Re: Changing Urgency Calcuations

Hi Matt,
Josh is correct here.

While it is not possible to adjust the way Marketo calculates Urgency, you can adjust when leads get one, two, or three flames via the Admin ---> Sales Insight.

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Re: Changing Urgency Calcuations

Hi Will,

I am using Behavior Score for my Relative Urgency setup and I when looking at record activity I see that when a record's Behavior Score increases, the Urgency value increases by the same amount, but what I'm having trouble identifying is the calculation the determines the decrease in a record's Urgency value goes down. It looks like the Urgency value decreases after a record has a period of inactivity, but I've looked at several records and it seems like the criteria for Urgency value decreasing is all over the place. I found the following while looking at the activity for several records:

  • Record 1: 3 days inactivity. Urgency: 63 to 10. (3 days, 63 pts)
  • Record 2: 2 days inactivity. Urgency: 77 to 74. (2 days, 3 pts)
  • Record 3: 1 day inactivity. Urgency: 46 to 42. (1 day, 4 pts)
    • 24 hours later,  the Urgency value decreased again (more day of inactivity). Urgency from 42 to 40. (1 day, 2 pts)
    • Total: 2 days, 6 pts
  • Record 4 - 2 days inactivity. Urgency: 58 to 42. (2 days, 16 pts)
    • A few days before: 0 days inactivity. Urgency: 55 to 46 (0 days, 9 pts)

So there doesn't seem to be a solid algorithm for the decrease in Urgency, but I'm probably missing something. Any insight is appreciated!

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Re: Changing Urgency Calcuations

Hi Alex, have you ever received a proper answer to this one?

I am running into the same issue where urgency goes hand in hand with my score value and then suddenly gets decreased even when the score is still increasing on the same day. Somehow there does not seem to be a proper answer to this one anywhere as all answers start referring to the relative urgency rather than the absolute value.

Appreciate any input on progress you managed to make!

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Re: Changing Urgency Calcuations

I would recommend starting your own discussion to address this question in the Products​ section. This initial thread was created in October of 2014 with the last response occurring a year ago. Please feel free to link to this post within your new discussion, but this way, it would provide you a way to elaborate on what is happening with people addressing your issue specifically.