Change Program Status Data Triggered by GoToWebinar

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Change Program Status Data Triggered by GoToWebinar

I'm extracting the Change Program Status activity type from Marketo and noticed that I don't see a campaign associated with any program status changes triggered by the GoToWebinar integration. I do see program when I open the activity details in Marketo, but I don't see a program field in the Change Program Status activity. 


Essentially, I'm trying to figure out how I can match Change Program Status activities to particular programs/campaigns with the bulk data?


Any insight would be much appreciated!

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Re: Change Program Status Data Triggered by GoToWebinar

I'm not sure I understand the issue. Let me try to rephrase it:


GoToWebinar sends a few status changes back to Marketo. "Registration Error" before the webinar, and "Attended" and "No-Show" after the webinar. These are program status changes. They are not connected to anything - or "associated to a campaign" - per se, but you have to to connect them to something. Either by trigger or by batch, as in: If program status change to "Attended", send alert to Sales or raise score by 20 or whatever you want that status change to cause.

If your Marketo webinar program is integrated with a Salesforce campaign, the GTW program status change would also be reflected in SFDC, but I guess that's not your question.


Does that - sort of - help? 😉