change Marketo Sync user in Salesforce

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change Marketo Sync user in Salesforce

Hoping someone can give some light on the impacts of changing our Salesforce sync user email address incase my plan breaks everything.


When we set up our sync I was set-up in Salesforce as the Sync user with my own email address being used( which have different profile).However  I was going to set up a  new profile and new email address which would be something like for the Marketo sync user profile to use.


If I create this I am planning on literally switching the email addresses in the Sync User profile- would there be any impact this would cause any issues?


Any advice would be great!

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Re: change Marketo Sync user in Salesforce

Yes, you can change or edit the sync user's credentials. See the following steps for pulling this off:

  1. Create new profile and user in SFDC
  2. Assign the correct profile with the apt permission set
  3. Note all the existing sync user info just in case
  4. Gather the new user's credentials
  5. Pause the SFDC sync
  6. Go to Marketo Admin > Salesforce > Edit Credentials > Save
  7. Enable the Sync
  8. Test to ensure that the sync is working as expected
  9. Closely monitor the SFDC Sync Errors and Notifications