CDN setup for Marketo Landing pages

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CDN setup for Marketo Landing pages

Hello, We have Marketo landing pages that work very slow and high page load time for the Australia region. This problem can be resolved with CDN. Could anyone please tell which CDN we can use? What are the steps to integrate CDN with Marketo? What can be possible disadvantages of using CDN? Best Regards, Avtar Singh

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Re: CDN setup for Marketo Landing pages

Any CDN you want. We use Amazon CloudFront (and sometimes our own reverse proxies, but that's another story).

Be aware that Marketo personalizes pages using both cookies and query string information. You must never serve a main document from cache if it has any personalization, whether it be via _mkto_trk cookie or mkt_tok param. This is the same consideration given to any web app that maintains private session information.