Re: Captcha integration in China

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Captcha integration in China

Hi there,

I'm about to turn on the Captcha integration from the Aug 22 release, but can't find any information about whether it works in China or if it's blocked by the firewall.

Has anyone successfully used it in China and if not does anyone have any alternatives?



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Re: Captcha integration in China

According to this page, Google reCAPTCHA isn't very stable in China and can be blocked at any time (even if it's currently working fine). I'd love to hear about people's experiences with it if they're using it or have used it in the past.


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Re: Captcha integration in China

I'm currently looking at solving for this as well.  Its really not clear if this works in China and i need a CAPTCHA solution that does work in China.  

Has anyone had any success with the integrated Google reCAPTCHA v3? or is it unreliable? 

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Re: Captcha integration in China

Quick Update: 

Per Marketo Support


"At the time of writing, Google ReCAPTCHA is completely blocked in China and so if your forms use it, China customers will not be able to submit.

Our recommendation is to create forms for your Chinese customers with ReCAPTCHA disabled so that they can submit this way. We also suggest looking on our nation website to see if any Marketo users have looked into any alternatives/workarounds to this: "

Not super helpful but at least to the point.  Wish this was stated in the documentation. 

So my question stands - > are there any other CAPTCHA solutions that others have used that do work in China?