Re: Can static lists populate without using the API?

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Can static lists populate without using the API?

Hey everybody!

We're in a bit of a pickle with our data situation, so I'm reaching out to the Community for help! I'll start by explaining where we are right now.

We implemented Marketo about a year ago, transitioning off of Responsys. During implementation, we'd set aside a certain amount of time in our Developers' schedules to get our API set up, but it took longer than expected just to get basic contact data connected with our database, and the time we'd scheduled ran out before they could get our purchasing data set up to feed in through the API. They had to move to other scheduled projects, and it looks like the earliest they'll be able to revisit the API will be sometime in the October to December timeframe.

In the meantime, we have several triggered campaigns that depend on purchasing data to work - I can't set these up to trigger off of purchase history in Smart Campaigns because none of that data is getting into Marketo at the moment. We'd previously been running these through Responsys, and since they've been paused for about a year now, we've definitely seen an impact to revenue. We're wondering if there's a way to get purchasing data into Marketo without any API work, so we can revive these in the interim.

In Responsys, we actually ran most of these by setting something up on the back end that populated a static list each day with contacts from our database, based on criteria we set for each program, and then each program in Responsys was set to send to members of its corresponding list once per day. The next day, the list would automatically refresh with new information before the next scheduled launch. Is there any similar functionality in Marketo, where we can automatically feed information into a static list out of our database, that doesn't depend on the API? I know that in Smart Campaigns we can select Member of List as one of the criteria for a send, but we're not sure how to get a list populated without using the API. Is this possible? Has anyone done this, or does anybody know of any third-party solutions that do this?

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, guys!

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Re: Can static lists populate without using the API?

You can always export to a sheet and upload.

I'd consider that you find an API developer to build out the connections and decide if you want Custom Objects as well. You could probably use Talend or Boomi as part of this if you need data transformations. Companies to consider are Perkuto, Bluewolf, Digital Pi.