Can one smart campaign call another?

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Can one smart campaign call another?

We are looking to have one smart campaign call another as this will reduce having to change hundreds of smart campaigns individually. Is this possible? We tried to add 'Request Campaign' to the flow but it's not populating.

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Re: Can one smart campaign call another?

Request Campaign can only be used for campaigns that have a trigger for ... ​Is Requested.

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Re: Can one smart campaign call another?

The target Triggered campaign must be ACTIVE in order for it to be visible in the Request Campaign flow step.

It so happens that if you fill in the Flow Step and then shut down the Target Trigger, the thing will still populate or remain there.

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Re: Can one smart campaign call another?

A couple of people eluded to the issue.  The Request Campaign flow step is designed to be used in conjunction with the "Campaign is Requested" trigger. 

Setting Up a Trigger Smart Campaign for Sales Using "Campaign is Requested" - Marketo Docs - Product...

When you use the "Campaign is Requested" trigger you'll want to make sure it's set to 'Marketo Flow Action' and the Campaign will need to be activated prior to attempting to add it to the original Campaign's 'Request Campaign' flow step.  Only activated Trigger Campaigns using this specific trigger that is set to 'Marketo Flow Action' will be available to be selected.

One last bit of caution, be careful not to create a large cascading setup.  A single batch Campaign that is requesting numerous trigger Campaigns will not make a large impact on performance when a handful of Leads go through but if you use this on a large number of Leads then it can great an instance traffic jam of Campaigns because of the ripple effect.