Can Marketo Track Social Media Campaigns

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Can Marketo Track Social Media Campaigns


We are about to being an email campaign through marketo. We also want to begin social campaigns through our LinkedIn, FB, and Twitter accounts using the link to our Marketo campaign landing page. Is there a way/tool/process for Marketo to track the conversions of our social campaigns? Thank you!

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Re: Can Marketo Track Social Media Campaigns

Have you tried social influence report? It mentions Lead, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Total unique visitors and Conversion. However, it doesn't says much about what those numbers mean. As we have these three platforms in the social share button while creating assets, it should be the number of times it was shared and conversion would be the total unique versions/total shares.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Can Marketo Track Social Media Campaigns

I believe it tracks mentions etc from content shared via Marketo social buttons and campaigns (or Facebook pages). If you want deeper ways to link then it would need to be via webhook and/or third party.

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Re: Can Marketo Track Social Media Campaigns

What you want to do is url parameters and hidden fields.

There are some threads on using this or you can

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Re: Can Marketo Track Social Media Campaigns

Erica Dishman

I think Josh's approach is what you are looking for.

You need a way to uniquely identify the visitors to your page from your social links, which you would do via URL parameters. Then you need a way to grab those parameters into your instance, which you would do via hidden fields on your form.

If there is a chance people can click away from the page and then return, you should also look at converting those URL parameters to cookies to make them persistent and then having the hidden fields pull from cookies instead.

Then you would have a separate program to track the results of your social efforts on each platform (optionally synched to a Salesforce campaign). The entry criteria for the program would be something like, Data Value Changes, UTM_Source, New Value = Twitter (or LinkedIn, Facebook, etc).

This is a very simple foundation that will play nicely with RCE, but of course as you get into more complex multi-touch tracking there are different ways to slice it, like the Offer-Channel model Josh describes.

Another option to consider is to use a third-party tool like Bizible in conjunction with Marketo which automates the entire process for reporting in SFDC and makes full multi-touch reporting on traffic sources quite easy.