Can Elements be completely deleted within a module?

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Can Elements be completely deleted within a module?

Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong spot...
I'm trying to figure out if an element can be completely deleted within a module. Lets say I have editable text within a module — I can clear the text from within the element, but I can't outright delete that element so it's space is removed from the module and content below, moves up to fill it's place.

The image below illustrates what I'm trying to do.


is it possible to be able to tag an element or utilize snippets in a way that would achieve the result seen in the 3rd image?

i just need to know if this kind of functionality is available or not.


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Re: Can Elements be completely deleted within a module?

Mark, in Email 2.0, you can go into the code and remove the <div without breaking it from the template, that way it will be completely gone, as you said clearing it will still keep the <div in the code. Email 2.0 is very flexible in this way, as 1.0 would have disconnected it from the overall template. Basically Marketo is giving you the flexibility now to do code changes with having a custom template, it takes a bit of getting use to, as it's a change in mindset, but will hopefully allow you to achieve your design you desire. N.B. This only relates to the code within the module, all changes outside of that would break it from the email template.