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We are looking to set up a series of emails that will be triggered to new members of our association at the following intervals: 

  • 1 week after joining
  • 3 weeks after joining
  • 5 weeks after joining
  • 7 weeks after joining
  • 11 weeks after joining
  • 13 weeks after joining
  • 15 weeks after joining
  • 24 weeks after joining 

Is there a way to do this since the intervals between emails are not the same? It seems that engagement programs require the interval between sends to be the same (i.e. weekly or biweekly, etc.)

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You already asked the same question yesterday: Drip Campaigns and I provided you with a solution.

For us who are happy to help you guy's it's not very easy to follow the same question twice, so please delete this one a keep with the first stream.


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Re: Campaigns

sure, just use a regular campaign with wait steps between the emails.

Marketo Engagements and Drip Nurturing - Boston User Group Dec 10 2013