Business Case for using Munchkin

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Business Case for using Munchkin

Hi there--Im looking for documents or resources on the business-case for dropping munchkin code on all (or most relevant) web pages on our website. I have to answer why a business leader should add marketo code (or gated content) to non-marketing pages.  What stats does Marketo have to prove the benefit of added the code? i.e. insights, converting anonymous to known users, etc.

Im wondering what other points you all, or those from Marketo, have used to build this business case? Any stats on conversion rates or helpful nuggets to help build the business case?

Please comment or add to the discussion! Many thanks!

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Re: Business Case for using Munchkin

Hi Evelyn

Simply put, the munchkin will enable you to know what a lead does on your web site. Form this knowledge, you will be abel to better understand lead interest, score behavior, analyse success path and look for repeating patterns amongst leads that convert to opportunities and closed deals.

Not putting munchkin on all web pages may seem not that important when you start, but IMHO, making guesses about what pages are important or not in the eyes of your prospects is a dangerous game. And you never know what information you will need in the future.

I return the question : what to you earn or save not putting the munchkin on every page ?


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Re: Business Case for using Munchkin

The munchkin is a integral part of Marketo and it tracks "tracks all individuals who visit your website so you can react to their visits with automated marketing campaigns. Even anonymous visitors are tracked along with their IP addresses and other information. Without this tracking code, you will not be able to track visits or other activity on your website!". Add Munchkin Tracking Code to Your Website.  Also, this article on Lead Tracking (Munchkin) in the developers section gives more technical information on its uses.

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Re: Business Case for using Munchkin

Making the business case for Munchkin is like making the business case for net profit.

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Re: Business Case for using Munchkin

Is there such a thing as a non-marketing webpage?

Personally, I view websites as marketing-owned, with each page being an opportunity to market or brand. I would argue that marketing owns the website because a website is for marketing purposes, so it's essential to include marketing code.

I'm not sure there are real numbers around proving how valuable this code is, other than being able to track a specific visitor's activity before, during, and after campaigns that can assist with follow-up. I'd argue that it's essential for you to add the code so you're using Marketo effectively - otherwise, it just becomes a really expensive email marketing tool.