Bulk export API - 404 file

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Bulk export API - 404 file

We have a background process that creates bulk export jobs to pull activities from our Marketo database to use in our CRM.


This week we've been getting 404 errors on some of the completed jobs when trying to retrieve the TSV file. I checked our logs, got the exportIds for the handful of failures, opened Insomnia and got the list of jobs from bulk/v1/activities/export.json.


The exportIds are indeed in the response payload and marked as complete. The fileSize and numberOfRecords properties are both > 0 so I would expect there to be contents in the file when I pull it. The completed dates are usually on the same day as checking.


When trying to get the file data from bulk/v1/activities/export/[id]/file.json, the response code is 404 and no body returned.


Most of the bulk retrievals work as expected but a handful have failed this week.


Any ideas what could be going on? This background process has been running for two years like this and we've never gotten empty/404 results as far as I'm aware.

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Re: Bulk export API - 404 file

I'm usually loath to recommend opening a Support case but this is an exception.