Bring activity log into SFDC

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Bring activity log into SFDC

It is my understanding that once an unknown lead becomes known, their activity history is then pushed into SFDC. I want ALL their activity history from their unknown status to be pushed into SFDC. Some of these contacts had 6+ touch points before they became known.  As a marketer, I can see that valuable information. If I could push that historical data to SFDC, the sale team could make an informed call relevant to their interests. Is there any way I can do this?

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Re: Bring activity log into SFDC

This is not precisely true.

You could force this through some methods.

  • Yes, Visits page anon activity will merge to the Known record if the Munchkin ID assigned matched, that is, they filled out a form and were properly associated.
  • Marketo does NOT push this history to SFDC
  • Marketo DOES push this data to SFDC within Marketo Sales Insight. Which is precisely what you want. The data itself doesn't reside in SFDC though. It's just a window into Marketo.
  • If you did want to record this detail in SFDC, you could push Tasks to SFDC, but this is sync intensive and takes up data.
  • You could also go to Admin > Salesforce and ask it to sync several of those Activities, however, it won't push the Visits before they were Known.