Re: Brightcove Video Connect For Marketo - worth integrating?

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Brightcove Video Connect For Marketo - worth integrating?

I don't see many discussions on this topic here. I am wondering if anyone has integrated with Brightcove (Launchpoint link below) and what their experience has been so far? We may be interested in using it to capture Marketo leads after video plays and to pull the video viewing data into Marketo. I believe these are the two main features, but as with any integration I am sure there are limitations, technical issues, etc. It would be great to hear other's experiences before I look to closely at this.

Brightcove for Marketo – Marketo LaunchPoint

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Re: Brightcove Video Connect For Marketo - worth integrating?

Hi Dave,

I'd read their integration docs carefully and discuss it with them on a call. If you've read some of the related topics on their competitors, you can get a sense for the questions to ask.

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Re: Brightcove Video Connect For Marketo - worth integrating?

We currently use the Brightcove+Marketo integration. We use it for the two ideas you've listed above: lead forms in videos as well as tracking user interaction on video to influence our marketing efforts.

That being said, the primary use case we have for the tool is sending automated follow-up emails based on user interaction with a video. I think there is an opportunity on the lead acquisition side, but we haven't utilized it to its fullest yet due to the fact that the way forms are worked into videos is a little clunky. The integration is very easy to set up and Brightcove does a great job documenting it with helpful videos and articles (See below). However, when the form is actually added into the video, it is not the best user experience for the viewer in my opinion

Integrating Video Cloud with Marketo using Munchkin | Brightcove Learning