break up a email send group to smaller size

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break up a email send group to smaller size

Hi - very new to learning Marketo but I'm the only one who can use this platform at my office. We have a list of 150k-200k prospects and want to them them all the same email but stay within the 20k rule for sending. How can we do this? I set up 7 Send smart campaigns with about 12 different filters but it took a very long time and doesn't seem sustainable doing this weekly since some things (mostly US States chosen) will change. What's the most efficient way to make a smaller group size? They are spread across the US. 


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Re: break up a email send group to smaller size

One way to tackle this is to use a thing called 'Random Sample' and static lists.

  • Firstly create 10 static lists (in the program or in the Database)
  • Create a Smart Campaign (in the program or globally)
  • In the Smart List section, set you US criteria
    Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 22.43.02.png
  • In the Flow, add Add to List and add 10 choices
    Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 22.44.38.png
    For Choice 1 set
    If: Random Sample is 10
    List Name: Static List 1 (change to you static list 1)

    Repeat for next 9 choices, set List to 2, 3, 4, etc...

    Leave Default Choice blank
  • Once you run this campaign, it will split the Smart List (your criteria of 200K people) into 10 static lists
  • You can then use these static list for the smaller sends
  • As your database grows, ie the next time you want to send, don't forget to run your normal criteria and exclude the static lists, so you get the net new people too
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Re: break up a email send group to smaller size

Frank's answer is indeed as good as you're going to get using Marketo native functionality alone.

But it doesn't really do fixed-size buckets (which is likely why users weren't jumping in with it earlier).

For fixed-size buckets, where 20K people max will fit into a given list, you need to use a webhook (and accompanying service).