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Blocking Public Email Domains

We are in the midst of revamping our website and reoptimizing our forms is a huge piece of the puzzle. There are talks on blocking public email domains as these were deemed as not a proper fit for our scoring model/business. However, there are many business people who prefer to use an alternate email for form fills to avoid clutter on their primary email.

Who has blocked public email domains on their forms? Is this a good practice? Or should we block some domains and not others?

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Re: Blocking Public Email Domains

My advice is to instead block leads with public email domains from marketing qualified status and being routed to sales reps unless they take some particularly important action (like fill out a contact me form or request a demo, in which case require a company name). That way they can still receive your marketing content, gain brand awareness, learn about your product, etc., at whatever address they choose - without Sales feeling like they're being sent junk leads.

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Re: Blocking Public Email Domains


And there are a ton of threads and scripts to do this on forms. Your developer can easily do this.