Blacklist Remediation Steps

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Blacklist Remediation Steps

I received an alert from Marketo indicating that one of my emails caused a blacklisting.  I'm trying to take steps to resolve the issue to remove my domain from the Blacklist, however am having a difficult time pulling an accurate Smartlist.  Marketo provided this article on the topic: Simple Blacklist Remediation

I'm confused by a few things in this article.  For starters, why does it have me filter for "was sent email" the day before and the day of the incident? Can't I just use the filter "Was delivered email"?  I'm also confused as to why the lead shouldn't have been created any earlier than six months ago. Couldn't a new lead cause the blacklisting?  I've read that an email causing this issue can either be an old email address that was once active but no longer is, or a fake address set up by a blacklisting company.

I want to make this list as targeted as possible so I'm only excluding a few email addresses from my marketing campaign.  Any insight into what steps you suggest or have taken yourself to resolve a blacklisting issue is appreciated.



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Re: Blacklist Remediation Steps

Hi Michael,

The steps are meant mostly to find those leads that have not been engaging with you over the last six months.  That is why the article suggests setting the time of creation to at least 6 months ago.  That is a good amount of time for a lead to have engaged if they were going to.

You can use any filters you'd like, and you can use the Was Sent Email, but that's not going to be as targeted a is if you set it for those that received the email the day before or day of the hit.  You'll be pulling more leads into the list than absolutely necessary.

For instance, without the 6 month creation filter, you're going to be saying, "Show me leads that haven't filled out a form, or visited a webpage, or opened an email, in the past day.  Or the past week or month."  Yes it's possible that one of these is the spamtrap, but it's hard to confidently say that a lead who hasn't filled out a form in the last day is "inactive".