Bizible Reporting in Salesforce

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Bizible Reporting in Salesforce

Hey all, 


I need some help. We launched Bizible what feels like forever ago, and are really not getting much use out of it. The reason being is that my boss wants to see specific reports that are not part of the out-of-the-box Bizible Salesforce reports. 


I really do believe the information he wants is there, but we just are having a very hard time building it. Can anyone recommend an excellent Bizible consultant who can help us set up these dashboards in Salesforce? 


This is what he wants to view (all in one dashboard) 

  • Comparison of leads/opps/premium/revenue by channel
  • Understanding each channel in-depth – breakdown of leads/opportunities/premium/revenue
  • Understand the customer journey – how many touches/pageviews/email opens/clicks it takes to convert a lead into an opp
  • Form conversion percentage by form program, by channel
  • Cost and ROI per channel
  • Pipeline/revenue/conversions by landing pages
  • Insight into next steps – what are our prospects/brokers doing after they hit the website/receive an email/attend a webinar






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Re: Bizible Reporting in Salesforce

Hi Felicia! I believe you could conquer at least some of this with a few different Bizible SFDC and standard SFDC reports. I'm not sure about your Bizible configuration, but we use the 'Bizible Attribution Touchpoint with Opportunity' report types quite frequently and it allows us to group by Marketing Channel, SFDC or Ad Campaign, Opp data (like pipeline / revenue), etc. You may need to set up the custom SFDC report types to accommodate Bizible data:


So, you could start by creating a dashboard that has something like the following:

- # of Leads Created in X Timeframe, Grouped by Source or Bizible 'LC' Touchpoint Channel

- # of Leads Created in X Timeframe, Grouped by Bizible Ad Campaign Names

- # of Opps Created in X Timeframe, Grouped by LC Touchpoint Channel

- # of Opps Created in X Timeframe with Dollars Attached, Grouped by LC Touchpoint Channel 


Some of the asks may need to be more campaign-specific OR be pulled out of a platform like Google Analytics (landing page visits / conversions come to mind). I believe Bizible provides Campaign ROI metrics within the platform itself, and not in SFDC, so that may be worth reviewing as well. We have more complex ROI analysis, so end up pulling a lot of different data into a BI tool. 


Also, our company has been working with Grant Grigorian at SignalOn ( He's been fantastic to work with! 

Mariah Mattick