Re: Best way to build complex event/tradeshow tracking?

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Best way to build complex event/tradeshow tracking?

Anyone have advice on best way to structure a multi-faceted event in Marketo? Each year we sponsor a massive conference dedicated to our target market: 12K attendees. This year we have a booth, 4 flavours of 1:1 meetings with experts that attendees can register for, 4 stage talks, a party we're throwing, and an ice cream cart...and we'd like to track engagement at each touch point (invited, registered/badge scanned, attended, no show, etc). All the channel assets are built to move leads through various stages for each...but I'm wondering how best to set up the program/folder structure.

Typically I just create a campaign folder and add each touchpoint as a separate event program within that folder. That gives me a detailed view/tracking of each component, but doesn't give me a cumulative view. Perhaps there's a better way to do it, or a report to build...that would give me an umbrella view? Suggestions welcome!

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Re: Best way to build complex event/tradeshow tracking?

I think this is a good use case of using an event program within an event program, I'd setup the big event as the overall program, then right click and add New Local Asset and select Email Program, but for program type use Event:

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 12.11.26.png

Then you'd setup all the normal assets under the main program, emails, landing pages, etc... and use the sub event one for the specific stuff at or after the event, it does take a bit of setting up and the sub events do not clone so be careful of that, they act as if you started them from scratch:

Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 14.12.19.png

(You can't clone the sub event into the big event, kind of a pain if you have lots of stuff setup and you want to clone that setup)

Overall this keeps everything in one place and does not separate them. It should have some nice reporting too. Happy to direct more if you need for information.