Best Practices for Integrating with CVent

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Re: Best Practices for Integrating with CVent

Hi Amith - once we resolved some questions, it was actually quite simple. Field mapping is straightforward (although country values cannot be changed so you may have to do some normalizing once in Marketo), and you can set it up using static lists (adds/removes) or campaign requests. Their integration support is actually quite helpful as well but let me know if you have any specific questions.

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Re: Best Practices for Integrating with CVent

The integration appears to be one way - cvent to Marketo only, is that correct? We are having a lot of difficulty setting up the integration points that we want, for example, we want to sync through if someone is pending approval, but we've been told we have to approach our account manager for additional integration points.  Ideally we'd like to add people to the invitee list in Marketo and have them sync through to cvent but this doesn't seem to happen?

We don't want to add people via the Contact/Import facility as this isn't specific to an event.

Would appreciate advice on this -



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Re: Best Practices for Integrating with CVent

With the Marketo integration with Cvent, you are able to pull information from Marketo to pre-populate fields for your registrants that are found within your database. In addition, you can assign registration types based on fields you have in Marketo. You can create logic within Cvent to look at certain fields in a lead’s profile to assign registration type. Unfortunately if any activity does happen in Marketo, there is no trigger within Cvent to look at that activity to sync the data.

Stephanie Sweetland