Re: Best Practice for Changing Engagement Programs & Tracking

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Best Practice for Changing Engagement Programs & Tracking

I am building out three engagement programs according to our lifecycle for current customers. When a customer has hit the success metric in one engagement program, the customer needs to be moved over into another engagement program. Right now I have the following in a Smart Campaign to do this:

  1. Smart List = Data Value Changes (to certain threshold)
  2. Flow
    1. Change Program Status = New Status (new status is marked as success in the channel tag)
    2. Change Program Engagement Cadence = New Engagement Program

Is this the right way to move the customer into a new engagement program from another one? There isn't any reason for the user to go back into the older engagement program, so we don't need to pause them, basically get them out and into the new one.

I have also created a Person Report with different Smart Campaigns to change the data value of a customized field I built. Here is what it currently looks like when a customer changes engagement programs and we want to report that:

  1. Smart List = Engagement Program Changes (value = new campaign)
  2. Flow = Change Data Value Attribute to Attribute (custom field) and New Value to New program (channel I named)

Is it best to use Change Engagement Program Cadence or Added to Engagement Program to change the data value in the Smart Campaigns?

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Re: Best Practice for Changing Engagement Programs & Tracking

Use the "add to engagement program" to add people to an new EP  or "Change Engagement program stream" to move them from one stream to another within the same EP.

The "Change Program Engagement Cadence" should be set to "Paused", not "New Engagement Program".

Use the program statuses. YOu will need to have a "Paused" or "Moved Out" status in your EP channel.


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Re: Best Practice for Changing Engagement Programs & Tracking

Hi Greg,

What program statuses do you recommend for the EP channel? Here are some I've seen from the discussion boards:


In Nurture

Engaged Succees


Moved Out

When you change the engagement cadence to "Paused" you set the program status to "Paused" -- when the lead resumes you change the engagement cadence to "Normal" and the program status to what?

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Re: Best Practice for Changing Engagement Programs & Tracking

Curious as to the inclusion of the "Paused" and "Moved Out" program statuses, honestly I would never do this. There are other ways to tell if somebody is Paused (Engagement Program Cadence) and I want to know how many people are a success in the overall Nurture program, so I would leave them at the success metric (presumably Engaged Success in the above example), pause them and add them to a new engagement program if that was the action I needed to perform on success.

Interested in what positive impact this has on your reporting to use these Paused and Moved Out program statuses (I'm always interested in improving the way I do things if needed!)

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Re: Best Practice for Changing Engagement Programs & Tracking

Nice, I'm creating the same thing multiple EN for the different stages.

I'm using an empty Stream labeled "Exit" to put people in once they move out of the Engagement Nurture in order to keep the data of their journey as well to not have to worry when we add new content to the stream all the exhausted successful people will get an email.

for my flow i'm using 5 steps

1. change engagement stream to new stream: exit

2. change program status: Success

3. change program Success: true

4. add to engagement program: next nurture stream 1

5. change revenue stage: (creating to see flow rate and reporting of cohorts as these are customers)