Behavioral and triggered based nurture campaigns

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Behavioral and triggered based nurture campaigns

Hi all,

We currently have quite a few nurture campaigns running. Different segments of audience goes to different nurture programs based on industry, product, etc.

Our current nurtures have cadences and we send email based on the nurture cadence to all people that meets the criteria.

We do a research about behavioral and triggered based marketing because that is something we will be looking into building next year. I am aware that it might be challenging to build in Marketo...

Can someone please advise what would be the most convenient way to nurture leads on individual level based on the behavior (example: if someone downloads a content, send them a free trial invite tomorrow) rather than bucket all matching people and send them an email when the cadence comes?

What are the troubles you run into? What could be disadvantage of this type of email marketing approach?

Many Thanks! - Diana

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Re: Behavioral and triggered based nurture campaigns

Hi Diana,

Good question, and it sounds like you are doing a lot of it already, except that the emails may be going out at the same time every week.

A simple way to start would be to build smart campaign drip campaigns that mirror your current engagement programs, so you can have better control over the timing.

For example, if you have an engagement program that nurtures content download leads, take the emails/offers from that program and build a program that looks like

Trigger if lead is created, filter source = content download (might be different for you)

Wait 1 day

Send Email = Free Trial Offer

Wait 3 days

Send Email = Follow Up Offer

Wait 7 Days

Send Email = Send content report


The important part for me, and something I don't think a lot of people think about, is when to REMOVE people from drip campaigns and nurture programs. If you keep your emails fairly generic, you could keep them in, but effective emails will have a call to action and even ask the prospect to reply.

I have a field in Salesforce called "Remove From Drip Campaigns" that makes it easy for sales to remove people, but you could use other things like a change in lead status, or if the prospect takes action (like filling out your trial form, or contact us form etc). You need to building a listening smart campaign that will remove the leads from the flow when any of these actions occur.