Behavior and Person Score

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Behavior and Person Score

Hi everyone 


So I am new to this organization and when I started executing some campaigns I was asked to update the scores in the flow steps of individual programs while we were having an agency update our lead scoring. So for example, when we had list imports come in from content syndication, I was asked to give them 40 points. Well, I assumed that I would be adding this to behavior score since they filled out a form to get into the system, but I was later told they only use person score right now. Is there a way for me to remedy this and add it to the person score without having to go into individual campaigns? If I do have to do it individually, I assume I would make a campaign that takes the 40 points off behavior and then execute another to add to person? Is there a better way to do this?

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Re: Behavior and Person Score

If you're able to get the names of all the campaigns where-in you've updated the Behavior Score field instead of the Person Score field, then you can use that as a filter in the campaign's SL criteria (use the Member of Smart Campaign filter) and in the flow, you can have two flow steps, one each for updating the Behavior Score and the Person Score. You'd need to deduct 40 score points from the Behavior Score field and add 40 points to the Person Score field. Run this campaign as a onetime batch update.


As a rule of thumb and in almost all the scoring models that I've seen, Person Score is always the sum of the Demographic and Behavior Score fields, and if we update any of the score fields (Behavior or Demographic) for a person, we also update the Person Score by same points. Please let us know if you have any questions. 🙂


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Re: Behavior and Person Score

The Campaign inspector will help you search all the campaigns with Behaviour Score in their flow steps and I second on @Darshil_Shah1's recommendation on using Behaviour and Demographic both for calculating the Person Score. However, the form-fill activity tells about a person's interest and it makes sense to update the behavior score based on that activity.


Please confirm if Behaviour Score is not being used at all. If that's the scenario and your team does not intend to use it for now, then you can block the field from updates after remediating the score. Furthermore,  you can also nullify the behavior score instead of a deduction. I have experienced some cases wherein clients update scores during list import itself but that resulted in overriding the existing data value and backfill campaigns had to be run.

Using static lists and running batches is a good practice as you'd know exactly which leads are to be targeted and results tab would show the outcomes with descriptions. It's helpful in troubleshooting if a record gets skipped somehow.