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BDR Marketo/Salesforce Email Sync

Hi Marketo Community!

I am working on a project at work to have email templates for our BDR team to use. I have been trying to find a way to quickly send out these emails through Marketo. Certain email templates will be used based on what type of interaction the BDR had with the lead documented in Salesforce. Since BDRs are not contact owners, we are facing the dilemma on how to create a view in Salesforce for this activity history to quickly choose who these Marketo email templates should be sent out to. Does anyone do anything similar? If so, how are you doing it?

Thank you for the help and feedback!


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Re: BDR Marketo/Salesforce Email Sync

Hi Hannah,

You could have a secondary owner fields and build views off that.

Secondary owner first name, secondary owner last name, secondary owner email address.

It could honestly be any field, even one called BDR, and then have your BDR's fill populate that field, or you can do it in batch.

Happy to brainstorm more if you'd like.

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Re: BDR Marketo/Salesforce Email Sync

Hi Hannah,

Not sure if this will help, but we use a sales automation platform which allows our sales team to put prospects into templates.  There is also a way in the sales automation platform to create a trigger that automatically places a prospect into a template or email based on a specific action.

Best of luck!