Re: Backdating FT+MT & Preventing Engagement Nurtures From Restarting

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Backdating FT+MT & Preventing Engagement Nurtures From Restarting

Hello Marketo Community!

1) Can Marketo retroactively backdate FT + MT attribution if I manually run flows to adjust the acquisition and success dates?

We essentially want to migrate leads from old programs to new programs but still retain accurate reporting. Curious if you've ever tried this before, how you'd do it in bulk, or if you think it'll work.

2) How can you prevent engagement nurtures from restarting?

We originally had just email assets in our engagement streams.

The problem was we wanted to get granular MT metrics on each individual email.

I created email blast programs for each email with success triggers and replaced and deactivated the email assets with these email blast programs within the engagement nurture. Within the email blast programs, I put filters on "Was Not Sent Email ABC" because I didn't want leads to get the same email asset now being delivered by the email blast programs embedded within the engagement nurture. It looks like after our first cast since making the swap, leads restarted at the first email blast program.

Curious if you think a solution to this would be to reactivate all the email assets and simply have the email blast program triggers live outside the engagement nurture. If I reactivate the email assets, I'm assuming leads won't restart at the first email asset...

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Re: Backdating FT+MT & Preventing Engagement Nurtures From Restarting

Lots of questions here. Best to split them up next time!

  1. While you can do this, I suspect you will encounter problems with MT reporting because it counts things before the Opp is opened and during it, but not after it closes. I suppose if it knows the Acquisition date, FT attribution may be ok, but MT may break. Why exactly do you want to do this?
  2. Engagements - So you want to track attribution on specific emails. The best option is to have separate programs outside the engagement. I'm not entirely sure about the rest of your question. I'd have to see a screen shot or filters. In theory, if you deactivated the original emails and then added new content, the leads should start wherever they were in the Cast count, but this may not be true if you deactivated all the emails and moved things around. It's going to want to send, from the top down, any content the lead did not already receive. So your new programs were not seen already and it will start them up based on the criteria in the program. Your solution to use Not Was Sent should work, but only will work if the lead was sent the email FROM that program or the original reference to the original email you used in the Stream. If you cloned it, they have diff email IDs and it will send again the same content.