Awesome Marketo management job in San Diego

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Awesome Marketo management job in San Diego


I'm hiring a global Sr. Marketing Automation Manager at BD, one of the largest health care med device companies in the world.  The position is based in San Diego but would feasibly consider remote candidates if you are just that good.   

Excerpt from job description......

BD is looking for a Senior Marketing Automation manager to join our global digital marketing team and lead marketing automation strategies and adoption across the business so that we can be more effective at demand generation, conversion optimization and revenue attribution.   This is an exciting role that will be responsible for helping to increase global maturity in digital marketing practices while still having a foot on the ground with daily operations and technology.  

The candidate will be the digital marketing lead in a marketing automation Center of Excellence and will collaborate with marketing stakeholders in developing and executing demand gen/engagement strategies and partner with IT stakeholders in managing the overall footprint and development roadmap of our marketing automation technology, Marketo.  

Responsibilities of this candidate also include managing the configuration for lead management and helping to increase the adoption of SFDC by field reps.  This will be accomplished through achieving a productive relationship with sales around lead quality, sales cycle and accountability. 


This is a green field position where the only way to go is up from here at the company which is really fun because everyone is so impressed with the demand gen/engagement strategies we can deliver.  

If you are a serious candidate and have 5-10 years experience and experience in a management capacity, please email me at



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HI Kristin,

You may want to post in the job section of the community, it will have a better and much longer visibility

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Re: Awesome Marketo management job in San Diego

I will pass this along to my network, thanks for sharing