Avoiding duplicate content

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Avoiding duplicate content

I'm trying to research the best way to set up multiple programs with overlapping content. The content can be both in an engagement program and in other programs throughout the system. Potentially using the same email offers but also different. What is the best way to set up these various programs and not send the same content out twice?

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Re: Avoiding duplicate content

Hi Carly,

The easiest way to do this is with engagement programs. If a lead has already received a piece of content in a nurture stream, they will skip that content and proceed to the next piece of content.

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Re: Avoiding duplicate content

in other words, use one program and place it in the engagement as well as a local program campaign to send it out to other groups.

You should use Not Was Sent if you do a separate send to avoid a dupe send.

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Re: Avoiding duplicate content

Hi Carly Guarcello​,

There is a good rule to be used with Marketo : 1 piece of content = 1 program. And then you can reference this program in engagement streams quite easily.

But at the end of the day, all the ways you use to promote the content will link to this program.

On the long term, this will enable you to evaluate the efficiency of this content and compare it to other pieces of content using program performance reports.