Avg Lead Lifecycle in RCM

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Avg Lead Lifecycle in RCM


I'm writing because I have two questions.

1) How do you calculate average lead lifecycle in RCM for the entire funnel?

I know you can calculate it via the average transition time (days) metric for each stage, but I'm looking for an average transition time (days) for the entire cycle.

If I simply add up the averages for each stage, that isn't accurate because they are different number of leads within each stage.

Stages: Name > MAL > MQL > SDAL > SDQL > SAL > SQL > Oppty

Avg Time:      12  > 20 > 11 > 8 > 10 > 22 > 18 > 19 = 120 day avg sales cycle

*NOTE: This is assuming the averages are all equal or the same. Adding averages based on different totals will not be very accurate.

2) Once you've calculated the average lead lifecycle in RCM for the entire funnel, how do you segment it by custom fields such as market segment or business unit?

Adding custom fields to RCM doesn't add it to the lead model report type in RCE.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Avg Lead Lifecycle in RCM

  • Only the 3 custom field organizer fields can be added to the MA reports.
  • Avg Days from Known to Won is possible if you select those Stages in the MA report: Stage > TO STAGE should show you that if you exclude the right items.