Automatic lead assignment based on country

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Automatic lead assignment based on country

We are working on a new module for our website where we will be using Marketo forms only, we want to set up a workflow that will allow us to assign leads automatically to the sales team by country and we have 150 countries in our form which makes it roughly 150 filters/constraints that we will use in the smart campaign.

Is this a good idea? Are there any drawbacks to this? Has anyone used this kind of a module before, if so, has it worked well? Does this slow Marketo instance down?

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Re: Automatic lead assignment based on country

Hi Tashmeem,

I have indeed done this before!

As a prelude, I might recommend that lead assignment be handled by your CRM if at all possible—in my experience, your sales team is more directly involved with the CRM side of the marketing and sales cycle, and they'll be concerned about handling any sales team members quitting, changing territories (or splitting them as the case may be) and other such items.

That being said, you can easily concatenate steps so you're not making 150 filters by combining values, such as:

FireShot Screen Capture #455 - 'Marketo I Sync to SF (Flow) • Marketing Activities' - app-sj04_marketo_com_#SC1886C3.png

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Re: Automatic lead assignment based on country

I've done some advance lead dispatching in the past. What if you have multiple people per country? And what if you don't know the value for country yet? You could either model lead assignment rules in Salesforce for example, but also in Marketo.

You could use the same approach as above, and close of with the choice (if country is not any of the countries listed... then request secondary dispatch smart campaign, which works on inferred country,... then if not, continue, with other options, etc).

If you have multiple reps per country you could just sync a lead to a country queue in salesforce, on which all reps are on. Or you could layer your dispatching rules in Marketo. You could just create 150 smart campaigns (if to be dispatched and country is xxx... then in the flow set rules to determine the rep).

Please note that 150 triggers waiting to be fired will put somewhat of a strain on your instance. But processing time will be faster than 1 trigger with 150 flow steps to go through for every record going through that flow. As the first matching choice in the flow will stop it, I suggest to put the countries with the most expected amounts to be at the top.

I hope this helps.

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