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Automated Data Imports from SFTP

I'm looking to creat an automated data import that would pick up an excel or CSV file from an SFTP server and import it into Marketo. Right now, the only way to do this appears to be with the API - so I'd need to create an app that would need to sit on a server somewhere and run periodically to do the import.

Unless I'm missing something. Is there an easier way to do this?

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Re: Automated Data Imports from SFTP

Question should be moved to Products​. "Community" is for questions about the Marketo Nation website itself -- and yes, this is confusing.

Anyway, your impression is correct. Marketo does not have a scheduler for import jobs, and does not support pulling from SFTP. You'd have to build an integration tier that downloads on a schedule from SFTP, transforms, and uploads via API.

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Re: Automated Data Imports from SFTP

The easier way for export CSV from SFTP to Marketo automatically is to use any of these 3rd-party services available on Marketo Launchpoint: