Automate the on-demand webinar process

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Automate the on-demand webinar process

Hey y'all! 


I was wondering if it's possible to fully automate a webinar program. Here's my ideal setup:

  1. We create tokenized landing pages and emails for the live webinar. (we currently do this)
  2. The tokens are then updated with the current information.
    1. We also create on-demand tokens with slightly different text, watch link, etc... 
  3. Webinar occurs.
  4. Marketo then automatically switches the tokenized sections on the landing pages to the on-demand tokens. 

Is this possible? 

Or should we just update the tokens manually to reflect the on-demand webinar changes?

Brett C. - Marketing Manager @ Palisade
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Re: Automate the on-demand webinar process

Although we thought about and worked on this a lot, we haven't achieved full automation. The URL or the embed code for the webinar recording cannot be known the moment you create the webinar program. So some manual editing is still required.


Apart from that, Javascript can handle a lot of things. You need a date token that indicates the moment the webinar is over, and Javascript that reads this token and switches landing page content accordingly. But as you manually have to edit the content of the thank-you page with the video insert code or at least populate another token, it's not really automatic.

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Re: Automate the on-demand webinar process

Hello @bcarp-palisade ,

Another approach would be to build 2 landing pages for your #4 line item. 

Add a redirect in the META section of the landing page that redirects to the On-Demand Landing page variant, but comment it out so did does not work until you are ready. Once the On-Demand is ready to be deployed remove the commented portion of the code so that the Redirect now works.
It is not exactly a fully automated version, but does scale well if used in conjunction with program templates.  Removing a comment capacity in a code block takes less than 1 minute.

Thank you