Auto-Enrich Email URLs for Web Analytics

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Auto-Enrich Email URLs for Web Analytics


My web team has asked me to include specific tag values on every link included in Marketo emails so they can trace web traffic back to campaigns, channel (email), segment (product line), and more. I am looking for a way to do this at scale so I don't have to manually add tagging in every link in every email.

The only idea I have is to use "my.tokens" to standardize tagging values, but there are still 2 challenges I face:

  • This is still not fully automated -- I have to remember to set up the necessary my token values every time I create an email (not the end of the world, and my assumption is there is no way around this).
  • I have to find a way to automatically add these token values to the end of every link -- this is something I haven't figured out a way to do.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this can be done? Any ideas including ones different than the process I outlined above are very much appreciated!

Thanks so much!


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Re: Auto-Enrich Email URLs for Web Analytics

I'm not sure there is a specific way to do this automatically, but on our email communication, we utilize tokens within the actual email build. You can see an example of a link that we have built here, and as you can see, we have a standard line of code that we put at the end of all links.${utm-source}&utm_medium=${utm-medium}&utm_campaign=${utm-campaign}&utm_term=${utm-term}&utm_content=${utm-content}

These tokens are set as global variables at the email template level with default values for utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign. For utm_campaign, we use the {{program.Name}} token, so that the program name dynamically populates for each email.

If anyone has any better idea for how to do this automatically, I'd be interested to hear as well.

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Re: Auto-Enrich Email URLs for Web Analytics

I do basically the same thing, but the only one that we actually set as a variable is campaign (IIRC source & medium default to Marketo & Email respectively). We also use the program name token to autopopulate campaign.

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Re: Auto-Enrich Email URLs for Web Analytics

Exactly what I was looking for! Literally answered all my questions thanks guys  Heidi Lay check it out, this is what I was chatting to you about the other day