Auditing embedded forms on website

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Auditing embedded forms on website

Hi Community!  I'm working on a project to identify embedded Marketo forms on a website. I have a few ideas on approach, but wanted to tap into the community to see if I could work smarter on this task. What tactics would you use to go through this audit? Are there any tools that can make this process quicker and provide us with a more accurate list? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you!

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Re: Auditing embedded forms on website

If you're only concerned about a single website, hopefully you can search the CMS itself.


If you don't know what websites may host your forms, you can embed JS in the form (in a Rich Text area) that, every time the form is loaded, sends a custom Munchkin hit or a GA hit with the current URL. This will only miss forms on pages that are never visited.