Re: Are there any freelance developers for Marketo Guided templates?

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Are there any freelance developers for Marketo Guided templates?

Hi Guys! I am using a guided marketo template, but it doesn't do all the stuff I want it to do, for example, doesn't have an anchor menu, timer for a deadline, mobile optimization of images (they look too big on the phone). Are there any developers here, who could take my blueprint of the LP and modify the guided template (not for free ofc)? Would really appreciate any kind of help or advice. Thanks!

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Re: Are there any freelance developers for Marketo Guided templates?

Anton Pivovarov you must've put this in a "lonely" space in the Nation originally -- don't know which one since that doesn't show up for us -- which is why you didn't get any responses.

But now that it's been moved to Products​ by a moderator to give it visibility, you should move it again to the Job Opportunities​ space. Self-promotion of paid services isn't allowed in this space per Community rules, so interested people are in a bind because they're not technically allowed to answer here.

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Re: Are there any freelance developers for Marketo Guided templates?

Hello Anton Pivovarov

We have helped many clients in building custom Guided Marketo Landing Pages. We can help you with both the template builder and a Master email template. Our Master template is an ideal solution for Marketo users who want a single, all-in-one template that could be used for all of your marketing activities. We have a base version available - that you can purchase without any customization. Also, we can work on a significant amount of customization - including advanced techniques to display multiple variations of a module based on screen size (not just responsive design). And of course to make everything align with your brand guidelines. Please follow me so that we can discuss further.

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Re: Are there any freelance developers for Marketo Guided templates?

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Re: Are there any freelance developers for Marketo Guided templates?


There's no shortage of folks who will offer to take your money for something like this - there's lots of solutions out there to navigate. Here in the community, the idea is to help eachother out instead of trying to scrounge up sales -- I'd be happy to do my part here and help out where I can. Im not sure what your timeline looks like on this one, but if you'd like to post your code here for review it might be something that folks in the community could help you out with a little at a time (I'd be happy to anyway) and then we'd be able to share that success with anyone else who comes along and is trying to accomplish something similar. I'd be interested in this if you're starting with one of the Marketo Guided Template from their library -- there's a ton of room for improvement with some of those and it'd be great to help close that gap for everyone!

Here's a few bits about the asks you've made in the original post:

doesn't have an anchor menu || This can be tricky to put together from scratch but there are free resources on the web that'll provide something like this out-of-the-box (like Bootstrap: )

timer for a deadline || This would require just a bit of script, but I've set this up before using a variable for the date (end date/time) that you can just set from the LP editor and it calculates the difference between now and the end-time and just ticks away until the time arrives.

Here's a live example of the rundown timer in play (it's the 3rd slide under the banner image): [blox] // ezpz i8.01.1 and there is an image below to show the interface within the editor to setup the date time.


mobile optimization of images || This should be pretty easy to accomplish without much development. You could add img {max-width:100%; height:auto} to the CSS on your template and that little line of code would make sure that your images respected the width of their containers and scaled down based on the display size.

If you're comfortable going this route, you could post all the HTML you're using for you template in it's current state to this thread and that way everyone can contribute to the solution and/or use it in the future. I'd be happy to comb thru it and post some updated HTML to accommodate these things -- for the love of the game <3.