Are there any Cvent + Marketo users here?

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Re: Are there any Cvent + Marketo users here?

C-vent and Marketo integration guide 2017. Is this the latest version? We are about to start working on our integration.

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Re: Are there any Cvent + Marketo users here?

sounds newer than the last time i looked.

Best to ask Cvent for the current edition.

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Re: Are there any Cvent + Marketo users here?

Just to provide an update from 2 years ago, Cvent has been working much better now. They have finally integrated REST API along with having SOAP API making campaign calls. We have seen far less issues with the lead data transferring over to Marketo, but have encountered some newer issues such as:

  • Cvent requiring the same field type (e.g. string, integer, boolean, etc.) when mapping the Cvent fields with Marketo fields. The only resolution for this was creating a new field. In our case it was Phone Extension which was a string value in Marketo previously.
  • Issues with the Marketo external authentication blanking out our Marketo values because Cvent changed the way certain fields authenticated. For example our Province field would have the fully spelt out name such as Ontario. Cvent modified their authentication with a province code (in this case ON). When Cvent tried to populate the Province field, it was looking for "ON" and did not recognize the full name (Ontario). It then blanked out the Province field and cleared it in Marketo afterwords. We had to convert all of our province fields to the "province codes" to avoid this issue.
    • We're trying to figure out if external authentication is even worth it since it seems to be causing more issues for our customers than helping.